D-Care Diabetes Plan:

India is now the diabetes capital of the world. In 2013, 65 million Indians had diabetes. The number of cases is projected to grow to 100 million by 2030. Left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to complications such as heart disease, blindness, and poor circulation leading to amputations. Why is there a diabetes epidemic? First, it’s genetic. Indians are four times more likely to develop diabetes than Europeans, based solely on genetic outlook. Second, diet. We are eating more “junk food.” Third, urbanization has led to sedentary lifestyles.

Fortunately, D-Care can help.

D-Care provides comprehensive, continuous care and prevention measures for adults with diabetes or pre-diabetes, using evidence-based protocols. After a thorough risk assessment with the D-Care team to determine your individual health status, we protect your health with an annual diabetes management plan that blends physician appointments with health coach visits and support from a mobile health app to provide the best patient-centered care possible.

D-Care’s Got Sugar? Diabetes Management Plan includes:

  • 4 appointments per year with primary care physician for physical exam, review of laboratory tests and strategic planning for diabetes control and prevention
  • 8 appointments per year with a health coach to review of diet, exercise and lifestyle.
  • Laboratory testing- HgbA1C, CBC, Chem 7, Lipids, urinalysis, EKG 3 times yearly
  • Annual eye exam
  • Pneumovax/Prevnar vaccination and annual flu shot
  • Mobile app with 24-7 connection to healthcare team
  • Discounts on prescription medications
  • Discounts on gym membership