Adolescent Health with D-Care:

Adolescence is a phase of rapid growth and development during which physical, physiological and behavioural changes occur. Young and growing children have poor knowledge and lack of awareness about physical and psychological changes that occurs during adolescence and the ill health affecting them.

D-Care’s existing Adolescent health programmes focus on rendering services like Immunization, Health education for Sexual and Reproductive health, Nutritional education and supplementation, Anemia control measures and counseling. The D-Care care protocol ensures that in terms of adolescent health, we render accurate information, proper guidance, address parent’s ignorance, provide psychological and mental health services and behaviour change communication towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the areas which are of primary concern in adolescents and in which our intervention may be required, are as follows:

Reproductive and Sexual Health

At this age, curiosity about sexuality increases. Adolescents start showing sexual interest in opposite sex. Media also plays a major role in exposing them to sexually explicit materials which make them perpetrators of sexual violence. A

 Mental Health

In the past decade mental health problems have emerged as an important cause of adolescent morbidity. Alcohol use disorder and psychiatric problems are the important cause of these beautiful years lost to pain & suffering. Our equal importance mental health and Behavioural Change Communication contributes positively towards an adolescent’s healthy lifestyle.

 Nutritional Problems

Nutritional requirement are higher among adolescents than any other period of life. Inadequate diet intake at this age leads to stunted growth and delayed sexual maturation. Lot of junk food products are promoted by celebrities with catchy advertisements leading to adaptation of unhealthy food habits. Media influences the diet and lifestyle among adolescents and leads to nutritional disorders by making them sedentary and giving false hopes. Habits like dieting and exercising inspired by a media celebrity cannot be taken as a positive impact, often they do it in an incorrect way and consume low quality protein supplements without proper guidance which may lead to complications like renal failure. Instead of taking balanced diet they starve and end up in anorexia nervosa. These issues can be reduced by routine screening and nutritional education by the team of adolescent health expert physicians at D-Care.

Substance Abuse

Habits like smoking and alcoholism have lifelong impact and potential to cause health problems like coronary heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. Even though there is legal restriction, alcohol and tobacco products are available generously for under-18 age group. Primordial prevention from substance abuse with strict enforcement of law can prevent occurrence of such diseases. While Parents must know their responsibility and take every effort to monitor their children activities and should set a good example to their children, D-Care’s intervention as an expert is remarkable to put things in order.

Parenting Challenges

Parents have greater responsibility in guiding their children but due to cultural barriers they neglect to talk about physical and physiological changes, in consequence of this, growing children learn about sexuality and secondary sex characteristics from their peer groups or other inappropriate sources leads to abnormal social behaviour. Most of the children’s psychiatric disorders go unidentified because of parent’s ignorance and negligence. A consultation with our physician in this situation can prove crucial to prevention of several adolescent health concerns.

Though adolescence is usually a healthy period, several risk factors of adult diseases which begin in adolescence can be prevented with proper interventions during this period, though with challenges. D-Care with its team of clinicians and experts is committed to bring about a decisive impact for the youth of India to be have a healthy mind within a healthy body.

Dr Roli Munshi, MBBS, MRCPCH (UK), MD (Pediatrics)

Dr. Roli is D-Care’s specialist in the care of infants and children, treating kids up to age 18. She provides routine checkups, acute care and chronic disease management as well as follow-up care of infants and children. Dr. Roli has earned her medical degree in pediatrics from KMC Manipal and has practiced for the last 10-12 years in various tertiary paediatric and neonatal centres in London. She is passionate about primary health, prevention, health education and various aspects of general paediatrics and neonatology.

Dr Ravleen Sabharwal, MBBS, MRCP, DRCOG, MRCGP

Educated in London and a member of the Royal College of General Practice, Dr. Sabharwal is an outstanding primary care physician for individuals and families. She also earned a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, giving her expertise in women’s health. Prior to joining D-Care, Dr. Sabharwal worked for the British High Commission in New Delhi, caring for diplomats, ex-patriates and their families. She also is a former partner in medical practice in the United Kingdom, which provides healthcare to some 9,000 patients.

Dr. Sabharwal is fluent in English and Hindi and welcomes her patients’ questions.

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