The primary difference in the D-Care’s perception, philosophy and approach of/to healthcare can be realised at 3 broad levels of Quality, Integrity and Oversight:

Quality: Patient centric and evidence – based delivery of preventive and primary medical care aimed specifically at reducing deterioration in a medical condition, alleviating inconvenience and rationalizing costs related to disease management.

Integrity: Standardization and transparency of processes and delivery mechanisms form the core of D-Care’s healthcare delivery format. Working on the 5 Ps of modern healthcare and bound by a strict protocol of healthcare governance, the processes from prevention to assessment and primary care delivery are all put into effect – under a framework of internationally accepted norms of medical ethics, values and integrity.

Oversight: The founders of D-Care are in constant oversight of the processes that are in operation here. They indulge in regular review and consultation of patient care formats and disease management protocols both during their bi-annual visits to New Delhi and while in the United States – remotely through technology support.

The knowledge and experience that constitute the foundations of our committed care approach, unmatched quality and unshakeable integrity are placed in a state of continual upgradation and development.

This oversight is a great differentiator, as it ensures that D-Care remains upgraded vis-à-vis the most recent international standards of preventive and primary healthcare process and delivery framework.